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We have been using and supplying MindManager to clients all over the world since 2001 and are one of the most active MindManager partners developing add-ins and extended solutions. We are committed to providing the best service and experience to our wide range of clients from all over the world and if you love MindManager, you’ll love working with us.

Welcome to Olympic Limited – Developers of MindManager® Add-ins

NigelNigel Goult – Owner & Director of Olympic & MindManager enthusiast since 2001.

I have worked with Mindjet and their mapping software, MindManager, through three companies since discovering the software in 2001. All companies focused on MindManager and enabled me to build knowledge and expertise on this great software.

Being a keen programmer I am the lead developer for Olympic and also the main point of contact for our clients. I pride myself on the personal attention I commit to our customers at all levels and my focus is on delivering high-quality customer service and prompt attention at all times.

Our skills, knowledge, and vision help MindManager users get more from mapping & extend their experience with high-quality add-ins, macros & custom solutions that add value & increase the benefits of using MindManager, the best of breed Information & Mind Mapping software.

With almost 16 years experience of MindManager & MindManager API development, I have a wealth of application know-how, its application for single users and teams, the company behind the software and its API. This helps me to enable users to achieve more in their use of this excellent Information Management tool.



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