New functions and more export options

We have just updated our MindManager flexible Word export, OPTi-Word, with some new functions, some of which were planned and some of which were ideas from users.

Summary of version 3.1 changes:

– relocated template management buttons
– added support for relationships
– added support for multiple hyperlinks
– added support for custom properties
– added support for spreadsheets
– added function to assign default styles to map
– added function to show/hide OPTi-Word Map Markers
– added function to allow multiple topic selection and editing
– fixed auto update setting so it saves
– added function to limit listed styles to exclude table formats that can cause errors

Thank you to all those who suggested ideas that we were able to incorporate into this update. Please keep your ideas coming as we will try our best to include them in future updates of OPTi-Word where possible.

The new version is ready for download and can now also be trialed even if you have installed a previous OPTi-Word trial from an earlier version.

Download from the OPTi-Word page.