Current Version: (5th May 2020)
See below for Free, Light & Full Multi-Maps version functionality

Compatible MindManager versions:
MindManager 2018, MindManager 2019 & MindManager 2020


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Free/Light/Full Version Comparison

After the Trial period is expired, MultiMaps continues to work (Free version), but all functions will be strongly limited.

The Light version is a great choice for individual work. But it works only with one computer (although it can be installed on two). Sharing MultiMaps functions are not available. Also, not available some Data Collection criteria needed above all in professional work: work with topic properties, formulas, some task info, etc.

Full version is designed for professional work with MindManager and a (very) large number of maps. Its strong point is that it can share all data between different computers.

Features / Versions
Shared Access5
Data Collection
Number of Maps to collect Data from
3, only local maps are allowed1
10, only local maps are allowed1
unlimited + external maps are allowed1
Data Collection sources map opened in MindManager map opened in MindManager any map, folder with maps, map collection (from the My Maps task pane)
Data Collection templates
unlimited, you can create your own templates unlimited, you can create your own templates
Data Collection configuration map
can not be changed
can be changed, you can add your own keywords and icons can be changed, you can add your own keywords and icons
Критерии сбора
8 keywords only3
some keywords restriction, data collection by icons and tags is available3 unlimited keywords (40+, you can add your own), any data collection criteria
Data Collection criteria
all available
My maps 20 maps display limit2, “Find in map” command is disabled
40 maps display limit2
feature is disabled6
10 bookmarks in the “Single bookmarks” and “Favorites” folders
not limited,
you can create your own folders
Express bookmarks
2 only4
not limited
not limited + floating
Map Content
only one level (Main Topics),
search is disabled
new sync setting is blocked
Sync scope
local maps only
local maps only
+ between different computers
Automatic Synchronization
no (only manual mode)
Common Stock
feature is disabled6
Project tools
Task Manager
feature is disabled6
feature is disabled6
Common Lists
feature is disabled6

1 local maps – maps stored in the computer on which MindManager is running. External maps are maps stored outside the computer – in removable drive, network storage, Mindjet Files etc.

2 All opened maps are added to the database, but only the last 20 (Free version) or last 40 (Light version) will be shown.

3 In Free version, only those 8 predifined keywords (from config map) are available: Overdue, Completed, In-Tray, Today, Tomorrow, All, Questions, Important.

3 In the Light version, data can only be collected by keywords (from config map) associated with dates, icons and tags. You can also collect data by icons and tags. Collecting by other criteria (projects, resources, topic properties, formulas, etc.) is not allowed.

4 After the end of the Trial period, only two Express Bookmark remains available. All others become inaccessible until the License is activated. If user has no Express Bookmarks in a map, he can add two ones.

5 MultiMaps databases, resources and templates are accessible from different computers; collecting data from external1 maps, synchronizing maps between different computers, etc.

6After the end of trial period function is disabled. All your data (macros, bookmarks, Data Collection templates, Common lists, etc.) is stored. After purchasing license key, function restores its work with stored data.

7 Advanced settings in the Data Collection dialogs are not available. Data collection sources: map opened in MindManager is only available.