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Are you a MindManager Reseller? Do you have a Blog or Website focused on Mind Mapping and/or MindManager?

Take a look at our partnering options and learn how together we can help your online audience!

Olympic – The Partner of Choice for Resellers, Blog Owners, Marketers and MindManager Evangelists

Olympic Affiliate ProgramWe love MindManager. We also love introducing new and existing users to new ways of working with it and helping ensure they can apply its range of application and get the best enjoyment and, importantly for business users, the best return on their investment.

We try our best to achieve this using marketing and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc., but what we love to do more is partner with like minded individuals and organizations who also share our passion.

Why become an Olympic Partner?

Over the years our add-ins for MindManager have provided users with alternative and better ways to work with the software and we continue to develop new and innovative solutions that help MindManager users around the world get and do more with this leading Mapping software.

Partnering with Olympic provides the perfect opportunity to extend/expand your product offering to clients and followers while earning rewarding commissions for helping raise awareness and spreading the word.

We often hear comments such as

I found your site and downloaded some of your products and I can’t believe I had not heard of Olympic before as I have used MindManager for over 10 years!

This happens all too often and we believe the best way to make sure more MindManager users get the opportunity to see what we do and how what we do can help them is to enlist the services of like minded, passionate evangelists. That means YOU!

How do I become an Olympic Partner?

There are two ways you can partner with us in promoting MindManager to the masses. We have a Reseller Program, which is ideal if you are already a Reseller of MindManager or other Mapping software, alongside an Affiliate Program that offers opportunities for casual or professional Bloggers and/or Marketers. The two types are described in more detail below.



Our Reseller Program is aimed towards existing resellers who have an established client base and/or web presence that focuses on MindManager products or associated services, such as training. Resellers typically buy licenses from Olympic to resell to their clients. We provide a discount on our list price for you to make your profit margin. This discount can vary depending on the type of business you have and your potential sales opportunities.

Reseller partners are treated individually on the benefits and opportunities they can provide and as such we negotiate discounts based on this criteria. We do, however, offer a standard baseline reseller discount of 25% off Olympic List Price, which can be increased as our relationship grows.


Our Affiliate program offers a great way for Blog owners/authors, marketers and MindManager Evangelists, to earn referral commissions for sales they direct to the Olympic website.

Using a great affiliate platform called Refersion, you can quickly register and set up referral links using a range of banners and start referring visitors to Olympic to learn more about and purchase the add-ins and services we offer MindManager users around the world.

Commission rates start at 25% and we will also negotiate special commission rates for marketing projects and campaigns based on opportunity where possible.

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