As some of you may already be aware we recently welcomed GyroQ for MindManager into the Olympic product portfolio and we have put together a very short introduction video for anyone who may have had their interest piqued by the recent news.

GyroQ is a small add-in for MindManager that delivers a very powerful set of functionality. This introduction video shows the core functionality and is the first video in a series where we will demonstrate GyroQ from end to end over the coming weeks/months.

The video is under 10 minutes so is ideal to watch while grabbing a quick coffee and taking a well earned break from your busy day.

Give GyroQ a Whirl!

You can trial GyroQ Pro for 14 days with full functionality to see just how useful and how much time this little add-in will save you. There is a comprehensive Help File to get you up and running and you will soon be filling your GyroQ queue in no time at all.


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Get the 14 day trial of GyroQ Pro and start stopping the Stop/Start in your day!

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