GyroQ for MindManagerTake the Stop…Start Out Of Your Day with GyroQ for MindManager

After a long wait we are pleased to announce that GyroQ for MindManager 2017 is now available to download and purchase from Olympic.

GyroQ 3.5 is a compatibility upgrade enabling users of MindManager 2017 to benefit from this wonderful add-in that helps you grab those annoying interruptions throughout your day.




The Small Add-in with Big Power!

GyroQ for MindManager

Once you have GyroQ installed, it sits in the background ready and waiting for that productivity killer known as “The Interruption“!

We all know how distracting and damaging it can be when you are concentrating on getting a task/job done and something or someone breaks our train of thought. There are usually two outcomes when this happens.

Outcome one is that we reach for the nearest piece of paper/old envelope etc., write down brief details of the interruption and store it safely, on a pile of other paper “aide memoirs”, to be dealt with later. Outcome two involves stopping what we’re working on, dealing with the new task/to-do, and then picking up where we left off later.


GyroQ for MindManager

Both these outcomes have problems. Noting interruptions on paper and then addressing them later opens up the opportunity for the paper note to become lost and the important task/idea forgotten. If we choose to deal with the interruption then and there, we break our concentration so much that often precious time is lost when we return to the task because we need to reorient ourselves so we can carry on where we left off. Often less focused.

GyroQ helps solve these annoying situations and increases our productivity by providing a quick and convenient way to capture the essence of the interruption and record it, safely, in a MindManager Map for later attention.


How It Works

With GyroQ enabled all we need to do when faced with “The Interruption!” is to press CTRL + Q on our keyboard to bring up the GyroQ Capture Window.


We can then record the detail. Classify it with user configurable “Tags” and then hit RETURN to send the the item to the GyroQ queue.


Once or twice during the day we re-open GyroQ, (CTRL + Q), and select “Send Queue” to have all our captured ideas, tasks, to-do’s and notes sent to our MindManager Map where we can then deal with them when time permits. It is as simple as that.

GyroQ is also highly configurable so we can choose which Map(s) to send our items to, what keyboard shortcut we want to initiate GyroQ and create our own “Tags” if required.




Give GyroQ a Whirl!

You can trial GyroQ Pro for 14 days with full functionality to see just how useful and how much time this little add-in will save you. There is a comprehensive Help File to get you up and running and you will soon be filling your GyroQ queue in no time at all.


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