The latest version of MAP, our immensely popular add-in for MindManager for Windows is now available to download and purchase. The 4.0 release of MAP will be the first of several planned releases over Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. These new releases ill add new functions as well as improving the user interface that houses MAP’s many functions.

This first release includes three new functions, imrpovments to existing fucntions, our new Smart Dialogs and the first changes to the user interfac to help you Map better, faster & smarter than ever before.

Topic Audio Notes and Hyperlink/Attachment Functions

50 Reasons to Buy MAP for MindManager

Topic Audio NoteAudio Topic Note
This new function enables you to quickly record an audio file in mp3 format which is then added to the selected Map Topic as an Attachment.

Link SplitterLink/Attachment Splitter
The Link/Attachment Splitter enables you to quickly copy/move Hyperlinks and/or Attachments from a Selected Topic and have them added as new Child Sub-Topics

Link Roll UpLink/Attachment Roll-Up
The Link/Attachment Roll-Up enables you to quickly copy/move Hyperlinks and/or Attachments from a Selected Topics Sub-Topics and have them placed onto the selected Topic


Extended Properties
These new Extended Property Elements allow meta data to be added to Maps that do not contain a Central Topic enabling Revision Numbers etc to be added to a Meta Topic in the Map.
The Topic Change date & Time can also be used with the MindManager User Name to see and track changes. These can then also be used in Filters and Sorting function of both MAP and MindManager.
Map Tracker Layout

MAP Extended Properties

Smart Dialogs
New for MAP 4.0 are Smart Dialogs. This feature allows you to enable MAP menus to be displayed underneath your current mouse position whenever you activate a MAP function that displays a dialog. This means less mouse travel to reach the options on the dialog and should help speed up your workflow with MAP.
This feature is optional so you now have the option of Smart Dialogs, Dialogs opening in the center of the screen or in their default position in the left/right hand top corner of your display.
Options can be selected from the MAP Settings on the About section of the MAP Ribbon Menu in MindManager.

50 Reasons to Buy MAP for MindManager

Menu Changes
Google Search Plus has been moved from the Linking group to the Import/Export group.

The General section of the Extended Properties menu has been split into Map and Topic sections with the Sub-Topic(s) count, Topic Level and new Topic Change Date & Time elements contained within the Topic section while Map related elements such as Map Revision, Map File Size etc are contained within the Map section.

The Linking Group has now been consolidated into a sub-menu accessed from the new Link Manager command. This consolidation is part of our MAP 4.0 menu redesign and will progress over the next few updates.

MAP 4.0 Moving Forward

MAP 4.0 has been delayed for a variety of reasons. Not least was the fact that we want to try and consolidate the menu’s so they can hold new functions without making the add-in overly complicated to navigate. The Smart Dialogs and consolidation of the Linking group are the beginings of this major change. It has been challenging trying to find the best way to present the fucntions within the constraints of the MindManager API. We think we have found a solution and will roll this out gradually over the next two/three releases..

Ultimately we will deprecate (remove) the MAP Taskpane as this adds considerably to development time when adding new functions. We hope ou will enjoy the upcoming releases and remember all interim updates of MAP are free once you have a MAP 4.0 licence.

If you have any ideas or feedback you would like to see incorporated into this new release then please fell free to submit your ideas and/or sugestions to us as

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