MindManager 14.2 Ribbon Menu
Mindjet® today announced the availability of the MindManager for Windows® 14.2 Service Pack. Mindjet say this release follows a usability study that was conducted earlier this year, which looked at the user-experience of both new and existing users of MindManager.

Important new features include:

  • Usability updates with a new menu/ Ribbon: The Ribbon has been reorganised allowing users to easily find the most frequently used commands in MindManager, based on popularity.
  • Customise Tabs in your Ribbon: By adding personalised Tabs, groups within Tabs, and commands within groups, users can customise specific commands from within their own Tabs.
  • Tutorial: A new, interactive tutorial has been added for first-time users of MindManager. It walks users through the process of updating topic text, creating topics and subtopics, expanding and collapsing topics, dragging and dropping topics, adding callouts and boundaries, adding images, adding and using hyperlinks, and adding and using notes.
  • Create Floating Topics: Brand new installations of MindManager will have the MindManager Edit option, “Single-click map background to insert floating topic,” set to OFF. When this option is not activated, users will be able to click the ribbon command or right-click the map background and use the context menu to add floating topics.

Please note: You must restart your computer after downloading and installing the update for all changes to take effect.

Important: If you use any Olympic addins then please see this page on our website regarding updating to the new 14.2 build. MindManager 14.2