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Interactive MindManager Add-in User Guides

The images below link to interactive Maps created with MindManager 2017 that can be viewed in most modern browsers in Map format providing a great way to view user guide information for our Olympic MindManager add-ins.

We recommend viewing them through Internet Explorer although all major browsers capable of rendering HTML5 should display the Maps.

Interactive HTML5 User Guides created with MindManager 2017

The Maps below were created with the latest version of Corels MindManager 2017 and can be opened in any modern browser allowing the viewer to navigate the Map just as they would within MindManager itself.

Click on the image to open the Map in a new browser window. Some of the Maps are quite large, especially the one for MAP 3 so please be patient while the HTML5 rendering of the Map is initialised.


Interactive User Guides


Interactive User Guides

SharePoint® Accelerator™

Interactive User Guides

MAP™ 3

Interactive User Guides

Topic Tracker™

Interactive User Guides

WordX™ 2

Interactive User Guides

Learn more about each add-in

You can view more information by clicking on the linked images below and visiting the dedicated web page(s) where you can learn more about each of these Olympic add-ins, download a trials and get licensing information.

Topic Tracker