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MultiMaps is distributed by Olympic and supported directly by Sergio Ross, the developer. If you encounter any issues while using MultiMaps for MindManager including install issues then please use the form below to send details.

This information is received directly by us and Sergio so we can respond promptly to resolve any problems.

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MindManager Version: Be sure to check which Bit version you have installed if you are using MindManager 15. There is more information on this here: MindManager 32/64 Bit

Description: Please provide as much detail of how the error occurred. If the error is repeatable then please provide a step by step description of what you did to trigger the error.

Screenshot: If you encountered an error message from MindManager, the add-in or your Windows OS then please try and include a screenshot. If you are running Windows 7 or higher you should be able to do this using the Snipping Tool.

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