Turbo-Charge your workflow with MyMapsPlus!

Integrated Windows Explorer in a MindManager Taskpane makes accessing & managing your files a breeze with drag & drop at your fingertips as well as full folder/file management.

Access content from local cloud storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

MyMapsPlus dramatically accelerates MindManager workflow for any user.

Drag and drop just became faster and easier when working with MindManager!

MyMapsPlus is an add-in for the Windows desktop version of MindManager that provides a fully functional Windows Explorer component within a MindManager Taskpane giving unparalleled access to system files when working with MindManager.

The component has been modified to provide extended functionality when working with MindManager file types and also provides fast access to local cloud storage folders such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

MyMapsPlus for MindManager

MyMapsPlusMyMapsPlus accelerates your workflow with MindManager by making access to system files quick and easy. Frequently used folders can be set as Favorites and local cloud storage folders can be accessed quickly through pre-set menu commands.


Drag and drop is now a breeze. Simply locate your file and drag it from the MyMapsPlus Taskpane onto your Map canvas and let MindManager do the rest.

Enhanced Mode enables you to interact with MindManager file types in special ways such as executing or editing a Macro file, opening or editing a MindManager Template file or creating a date& time stamped copy of a Map to record version history on subsequent iterations of your Maps.

Multiple views help you interact with your system files without leaving MindManager

Full Windows Explorer capability enables you to create folders, copy files, rename files or folders and more, all within MindManagers Taskpane.