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The Olympic Affiliate Program offers a fantastic way to partner with us and help other, like-minded, MindManager users discover the power and enhanced usability that quality addins can provide.

We offer attractive commissions on approved sales of both our own addins as well as those we provide for 3rd party developers, giving you a varied range of addin products to promote and earn sale commissions.

Olympic Affiliate Program

Why an Affiliate Program

One of the biggest challenges we face as a business is spreading awareness of what we do and what we offer to users of MindManager. Because our product offerings are niche, the usual marketing options rarely work or provide a return that covers their cost. They are often very hit and miss because they target a broad spectrum of people and it is difficult to target MindManager users in a focused manner.

Working with like-minded individuals, such asĀ MindManager Trainers, Blog Authors, Evangelists and Enthusiasts, is often the best way to reach new customers and affiliate marketing has the potential to do this while at the same time rewarding those that are helping us to grow our customer base.

How Much Can I Earn?

Earnings will depend on the volume of visitors you are able send to the Olympic website and we offer a baseline commission that starts at 10-25% depending on the products purchased. Once you join the program you will be able to view the commissions that are offered by each product. Obviously the more visitors you can send to the Olympic website then the more chance you have of a sale taking place and a commission being earned.

If you are generating a considerable amount of sales/traffic we will review your affiliate level and increase it so you can earn higher rates where we can see a sustained pattern of growth, giving you more reward for your efforts.

How to Join

If you would like to help us then please register using the link at the bottom of the page or the banner located on the right. Our affiliate program is powered by Refersion, a great affiliate management platform that offered all the options we were looking for and is very easy to use. If you have any problems or require any help then there is a messaging system within the platform that can be used to contact us and discuss any issues.

Once you create your account you can access your affiliate marketing links and download creatives/banners to place on your website or Blog and start sending visitors to our site. When a sale takes place that is tracked through the Refersion platform you will be able to monitor it in your Refersion Dashboard. You will also receive an email to notify you that a sale has been made.

The Olympic Affiliate Program

Partner with Olympic today by creating your Olympic Affiliate Program account to get started.


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