MindManager® 2018

The World’s Most Powerful Mind Mapping Software!

  • Turn mental & digital clutter into actionable clarity
  • Work like your brain does: quickly & dynamically
  • See the big picture and little details in one view
  • Stop things from falling through the cracks
  • And more!

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New Version Available Now!

The all-new MindManager 2018 is here and it’s packed with new functionality to help you work faster and smarter than ever before!

See everything. Share everywhere. Achieve ANYTHING.

With groundbreaking new ways to visually capture, process and share knowledge, it’s the most robust, powerful MindManager version yet — enabling you to think more clearly, work faster and get more done than ever before.

NEW! Priority View

Isolate your priorities in uncluttered interface that makes next steps clear. Items tagged with priority icons will automatically show up in the view. Or drag and drop unassigned tasks into priority columns. When priorities change, you can rearrange them in seconds, to keep projects moving forward on the right track.

Your priorities — straight.

  • Be confident you’re working on the right things at the right time.
  • Maintain team alignment on priorities to minimize missed deadlines and bottlenecks.
  • Brainstorm, prioritize and schedule ideas in a single, fluid application.
MindManager 2017

NEW! Schedule View

Organize your to-dos in a clean, easy-to-read and instantly- accessible calendar. When you know what’s coming when, you can plan and spend your time a lot more effectively. And with simple drag-and-drop scheduling, attaching dates to action items you create while brainstorming or planning won’t take you out of the flow.

MindManager 2017

Get a clear picture of the road ahead.

  • Organize your workload for the day, week, month or year.
  • Assign due dates by simple drag-and-drop into the calendar – no typing required.
  • Better understand and manage your own or your team’s tasks, priorities and bandwidth.

NEW! Dashboard Wizard

Make your dashboards come alive with new Conditional Formatting capabilities. Trigger dynamic changes in response to fluctuations in whatever data you choose — so you can instantly understand and react to new developments in a plan, project or your business, without having to read a word.

Your wish is your map’s command.

  • Program your maps to tell a real-time story about your project or business.
  • Manage exceptions, understand and mitigate risks, and equip yourself for faster action and smarter decisions.
  • Set criteria based on a variety of values including topic text values and attributes, task info, markers, properties and more.
MindManager 2017

NEW! Publisher

Some maps are too good to keep to yourself. Publish lets you quickly and easily share ideas with colleagues to build understanding and alignment, show proposals and plans to customers to create engagement and excitement, or simply put your masterpieces “out there” for others to learn from, be inspired by and build on.

MindManager 2017

Send your maps on a journey of their own.

  • The fastest, easiest and most convenient way to share MindManager content.
  • Embed maps directly into blog posts or share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Viewable by anyone with a web connection and browser*.

NEW! Digital Architect

Reinvent the way you use MindManager with expanded background objects and map-making tools. Customize existing templates or create whole new structures to organize and understand your world. You have free rein over the way your map looks, the story it tells about your business, and the results it helps you achieve.

Your vision. Our tools. Endless possibilities.

  • Create custom business process models and strategic plans that are beautiful, meaningful and easy to execute on.
  • Visualize a plan, proposal or your entire business in new ways that can expose risks, highlight opportunities and reveal unexpected new paths to goals.
  • Add logos, headlines, images and design elements for a branded look and feel.
MindManager 2017

NEW! Business Strategy Toolkit

Take our new library of background objects to the next level with more than a dozen inspired NEW and improved templates that help you see ideas, plans and possibilities in ways that empower more informed thinking, smarter decisions and better outcomes.

MindManager 2017

Visualize new paths to growth and profit.

  • NEW Venn, onion and swim lane diagrams give you a clearer understanding of relationships and intersections.
  • NEW customizable matrices empower you to correlate ideas and quickly assess risk, reward, value, urgency, priority and more.
  • Enrich diagrams leveraging the full breadth of MindManager features and functions to create robust 3D portraits of concepts, strategies and plans.

NEW! Intelligent Filtering

Surface the information you need in an ingenious new layered view that brings your selected items into sharp focus, while keeping the rest of your map visible in the background — the perfect blend of detail and context. Now you can focus on one thing, without losing sight of anything.

Forest and trees, together at last.

  • Clearly view filtered topics while maintaining visibility of non-matching topics.
  • Filter on any synchronized property — including data from Outlook, SharePoint (MME) and other integrated applications — as well as tags, markers and icons.
  • Apply changes to all selected topics simultaneously, with a single command.
MindManager 2017

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