About Olympic Limited

Combined Experience Index98%

 60 Years!

Nigel Goult

NigelOwner of Olympic & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Nigel has worked with Mindjet in three companies since 2001. All three of these companies had a core focus on Mindjet products and services.

Nigel is also lead developer for Olympic and prides himself in personal attention to Olympics customers at all levels with a focus on high quality customer service and prompt attention at all times.

Location: England

Colin Horner

ColinOwner of Visual Thinking SA & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Colin is a highly personable business professional & can engage with business personnel from ground floor to C-level. His passion for Mindjet & his commitment to customer satisfaction & quality of service is outstanding.

Business process & planning are some of Colins particular strengths along with training & presentations.

Location: South Africa

Nick Duffill

NickOwner of Harport Consulting & Mindjet enthusiast since 1998.

Nick has 15 years experience in applying mind mapping software to business, through the design of processes & materials & the development of special functions.

Nick has dozens of completed products & custom projects under his belt & his latest development, Network Builder, elevates MindManager to new heights.

Location: Scotland

Patrick Baker

PatrickOwner of Mindlogik & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Patrick specializes in supporting small business strategic, business, project & task development.

Patrick’s business tool of choice is MindManager & Mindjet Web for team collaboration. His area of expertise is Software integration for business use focusing on using Mindjet to achieve strategic & business results.

Location: New Zealand

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