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Our team is made up of some of the most highly respected and knowledgeable Mindjet professionals from around the world. Each of them has a specific skill set bound by one common passion – MindManager!

Olympic Limited – Developers of Mindjet® MindManager® Add-ins

We help MindManager users around the world get more from their mapping & extend their MindManager experience by providing quality add-ins, macros & custom solutions that add value & increase the benefits of using Mindjet MindManager, the best of breed Information & Mind Mapping software.

With almost 16 years experience of MindManager & MindManager API development, we have a wealth of knowledge of the application, its uses, the company behind it and the API. This helps us enable thousands of MindManager users to achieve more in their use of this excellent, best of breed, Information Management tool.

Browse our range of public add-ins & stop by our Macros page where you can download examples of our work & try them for yourself!


Meet the Team!

MindManager Years

Nigel Goult

NigelOwner of Olympic & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Nigel has worked with Mindjet in three companies since 2001. All three of these companies had a core focus on Mindjet products and services.

Nigel is also lead developer for Olympic and prides himself in personal attention to Olympics customers at all levels with a focus on high quality customer service and prompt attention at all times.

Location: England

MindManager Years

Colin Horner

ColinOwner of Visual Thinking SA & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Colin is a highly personable business professional & can engage with business personnel from ground floor to C-level. His passion for Mindjet & his commitment to customer satisfaction & quality of service is outstanding.

Business process & planning are some of Colins particular strengths along with training & presentations.

Location: South Africa

MindManager Years

Nick Duffill

NickOwner of Harport Consulting & Mindjet enthusiast since 1998.

Nick has 15 years experience in applying mind mapping software to business, through the design of processes & materials & the development of special functions.

Nick has dozens of completed products & custom projects under his belt & his latest development, Network Builder, elevates MindManager to new heights.

Location: Scotland

MindManager Years

Patrick Baker

PatrickOwner of Mindlogik & Mindjet enthusiast since 2001.

Patrick specializes in supporting small business strategic, business, project & task development.

Patrick’s business tool of choice is MindManager & Mindjet Web for team collaboration. His area of expertise is Software integration for business use focusing on using Mindjet to achieve strategic & business results.

Location: New Zealand

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