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MindManager Add-ins

MAP™ 3

The “Swiss Army Add-in” for MindManager users! Outlook Mail Map – The latest MAP function that helps you get more done with business and personal Maps. Download your 14 day trial today for MindManager 14, 15, 16, 2017 and the new MindManager 2018

WordX™ 2

WordX™ 2

Latest version of our popular add-in for exporting MindManager Maps to MS Word. New interface & more capabilities help you create the perfect Word document.

GyroQ for MindManager


Don’t get tripped up by to-do’s with this powerful MindManager add-in. GyroQ captures & classifies tasks, ideas, to-do’s and requests so they never get forgotten & interfere less with your work in progress.

MindManager Add-ins


ResultsManager is back and ready to download for MindManager 2018. Create dynamic Task Dashboards & oversee all your projects, to-do’s & activities.


 “Brilliant! MAP is the must-have add-in for MindManager that actually puts MindManager over-the-line in terms of competitive value. I can’t even imagine using it without Olympic’s quality add-ins – They’re that rich in terms of additional functionality.  Olympic is a force multiplier in terms of business value.”

M. Pankoski – Consultant

 “I have been Mind Mapping for many years, first using a freeware before discovering Mindjet’s MindManager, which has become my favorite tool. When I discovered Olympic and the add-ins they develop my use of MindManager made a quantum leap with MAP and Task4Maps making my days more effective.”

Age Pederson – Administration Manager

 “The demo videos are priceless in communicating the value of the enhancements to the user….The fact that the actual developer is doing the narration really enhances the viewer’s understanding of the new functionality and provides the kind of substantive detail that speak to the overall quality of the implementation which is first-rate.”

M. Pankoski – Consultant

 “I have used Olympic add-ins for several years & found they greatly enhance usability & value of MindManager. Just when you think there is no room for improvement Olympic release a new & valuable add-in/function. On top of that, Olympics customer service is simply exceptional.”

Dietmar W. Sokowski – Owner, QTunnel Business Consulting

 “Olympic are top-notch MindManager experts! Whether you are dealing with an easy “how-to”, or creation of a complex, custom code solution, there is nothing they can’t tackle. Never has a finer team been assembled to create these much-needed MindManager add-ins or help to inform and guide the growing MindManager community.”

Mike Danielski

MAP™ 3

MAP offers over 50 new functions helping you apply MindManager to everyday Mapping. Simple enhancements speed up actions like adding Tasks or clearing Map elements in bulk. More complex functions improve Map management and sharing. Your Mapping workflow becomes easier as a result of implementing MAP.

SharePoint® Accelerator™

A companion add-in for MAP specially developed for MindManager Enterprise users who use the SharePoint Linker to create & work with Dashboard Maps. Convert hyperlinked SharePoint items to Topic Attachments, Highlight & find checked-out items & Sort & Filter Topics on SharePoint Property values.


Take your MindManager experience to the next level and beyond with professional add-ins developed and distributed by Olympic!

Topic Tracker™

When you work in Teams, sharing and visibility of information is paramount but it also needs to be relevant and up to date. Topic Tracker lets you share specific Map Topics with other Topic Tracker users, therefore allowing everyone to be informed of changes when required.

WordX™ 2

This extended Microsoft Word export gives greater control over Map Topics when exporting Maps to Word. WordX enables much more elaborate and flexible creation of your output to create great looking documents for all situations.


The perfect solution to the distractions of our modern day! GyroQ helps you capture thoughts, ideas and to-do’s quickly when they happen and stores then so you can deal with them with more focus when you have time. With ResultsManager integration and a powerful “tag” system you will wonder how you ever managed without it!


No more searching for project maps, or forgetting a commitment that got buried in a brainstorm. ResultsManager scans through sets of linked maps, picks out essential information and puts it together in dashboards for instant access. ResultsManager dashboards can answer questions such as:

  • What are the next steps on my projects?
  • What needs to be completed by the end of the week?
  • What is coming up next month?


Task4Maps manages Tasks in an automated Dashboard and monitors them based on their proximity to the current date and progress. Tasks are categorized using an extended Kanban theme and therefore create a clearer picture of your upcoming and current workload at a glance.


MultiMaps helps you collect, navigate, track, source and synchronize Map Topics and information when working with large Maps. It is also extremely useful if you regularly work with multiple Maps or collections of Maps from different sources.

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