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Attend one of our upcoming App Studio webinars to get up to speed with App Studio…FAST!

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Register for an App Studio Webinar

Harport Consulting and Olympic will be running a series of quality webinars to showcase App Studio and show you how you can build simple MindManager customisations that fit business needs with limited programming knowledge.

If you would be interesting in attending one of these upcoming webinars then please register your interest using the form below and you will be the first to receive details once are webinar schedule has been confirmed.

As App Studio uptake increases we plan to extend these webinars to address specific topics submitted by users to help provide detailed support and solutions/work arounds for any limitations you may encounter.

When you register, you will also receive a download links to the FREE version of App Studio together with a demo copy of our new project management solution for MindManager built completely with App Studio. This will enable you to see what App Studio can produce and get your creative juices flowing.

Nick and I look forward to welcoming you to one of our webinars very shortly.

The first of these regular webinars will cover topics such as:
  • Which version of App Studio do I need/meets my needs
  • What App Studio can do and what it can’t do
  • Showcase of real-world solution built completely with App Studio
  • Q & A to address any questions or requests
  • and much more….
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