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MultiMaps for MindManager is a new add-in that helps you to collect, navigate, track, source and synchronize Map Topics and information when working with multiple Maps or multiple collections of Maps.

This new solution for improving the way you work with your MindManager Maps consists of 5 modules, each of which provides a specific set of features aimed at improving the way you can find, access and present information from your Maps. The modules are presented as Groups on the MultiMaps ribbon menu as shown below.


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Data Collection

The Data Collection module enables you to create dynamic Map dashboards which can be generated either on the fly or from a predefined template configured to collect Map content based on specific criteria. Data can be collected from the current Map (and its linked Maps), a specified Map (and its linked Maps) or from a collection of Maps stored in a folder or from the MindManager My Maps collections.

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The Tracking module enables you to use conditional formatting of Topic Fill Color to indicate a Topics status based on criteria such as Priority, Progress and/or date and is useful for highlighting Topics that need attention or have reached a certain state. This is similar to the conditional formatting that MindManager 15 offers with Topic Formulas but working with the more common Topic elements. Again, templates can be used to apply custom tracking criteria across Maps for different scenarios.

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Map Navigator

The Map Navigator module provides two pieces of functionality to help you find and navigate to Map Topics and is particularly useful when working with large Maps.

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Common Lists

In MindManager, Resources and Tags can reside in the Map itself and in the Template Organizer – Marker Lists. This it is not very manageable if you have many Resources and Tags, and they cannot be organized/sorted at all. Using the Common Lists module, you can organize your Resources by any criteria, such as Resources for Project 1, Project 2 etc., Resources for Company 1, Company 2 etc. Similarly you can do the same for Tags – organize them into groups suitable for you.

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The Synchronization module allows you to synchronize Topics (and their Sub-Topics, i.e., their branches) in the same Map or in different Maps. You can even synchronize Topics in Maps that are stored on different devices or in Cloud storage. This is an extremely useful feature for collaboration and remote work. Synchronization works both in automatic and manual mode and can be setup either one-way or bi-directional.

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Data Collection

Map Navigator
Common Lists

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