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Edit Property Value

When you are working with Custom Properties you may sometimes wish to edit the value of a specific Property. When you need to do this for one or two properties on their own, it is very easy to just edit them in isolation, but when you have utilized a Property across many Topics in the Map and you want to change the value that can soon start to take up a lot of time.

The Edit Property Value function now enables you to change a Properties value across all instances of that Property across the entire Map in one action thereby saving you having to repeatedly change each one.

The command will be enabled whenever you have a Topic selected that contains a Custom Property.

Edit Property Value
When the command is activated, the Edit Property Value options will display as shown.

Simply select the Property you wish to edit from the drop down menu and enter the new value. You can also change the Property Type if required.

Edit Property Value
Once you have finished, click the Update Value(s) link and all instances of the chosen Property will be updated.
Edit Property Value
You will see a progress bar displayed while this takes place when you are updating many Topics.

Excel Properties

Excel Properties brings the ability to create Topic Properties whose values are fed from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The function enables values to be retrieved from Excel as well as allowing values to be changed in the Map and then refreshed back to the source spreadsheet on demand.

Excel Properties

Values that are provided from calculated cells in Excel are made read-only in the Map to prevent accidental overwriting and disconnected cells/values are checked and notified as you use the function. Currently only numerical values are supported such as Currency, Percentage, Number etc. Text and Dates will be added at a later date. You can utilize values from multiple source spreadsheets in one Map and Topics can be updated/refreshed on a Topic by Topic basis or by a complete Map refresh depending on the users requirements. Excel Properties

Excel Properties can be edited in the Map and can be removed when redundant. Commands can be accessed from the MAP ribbon menu or directly on any Topic containing an Excel Property through a small Control Strip. This provides quick access to any Topics that contain these special Properties.

Adding an Excel Property

When you wish to use an Excel Property you need to know the location of the Spreadsheet and also the Cell Reference that contains the value you wish to use. Once you know this, you can left click the top section of the Excel Properties command to access the Excel Property Details form.

Excel Properties

Type in the name for the Property. Next, select the Property Type from the drop-down menu. As mentioned above, Current Types are Currency, Number, Integer and Percentage. If you select Currency you will also be able to select the Currency Symbol to use. Next, select the Spreadsheet.

If you have previously used the Spreadsheet it will be listed in the drop-down of the last 10 used Spreadsheets. If not, you can click the Browse button to locate the file. Once the Spreadsheet is successfully selected, the Select Workbook drop-down menu will populate so you can select the Worksheet that contains the Cell you wish to reference.

Once you have the Worksheet selected enter the Column and Row values and click the Insert button. Excel Properties The Property will be added to the selected Topic and immediately retrieve the value from the Spreadsheet.

Excel Property Control Strips

Once you have inserted an Excel Property onto a Topic you will notice the Excel Property Controlstrip. This gives you access to the range of commands and actions you can use with these Properties. To access them simply left-click the Controlstrip to reveal the context menu. Excel Properties

From this menu you can Edit the current Property, Retrieve or Update the Properties of the selected Topic with the Spreadsheet or Retrieve or Update all of the Excel Properties in the whole Map.

Editing Excel Properties

Should you wish to Edit an Excel Property or the Property becomes disconnected from its source Spreadsheet for any reason you can use the Edit/Remove Excel Property command. This can be accessed from the context menu of the Controlstrip or from the Excel Properties command on the ribbon menu drop-down.

Excel Properties

Once clicked, the Update Excel Property Details form will display. You can now select which Property you wish to edit/remove and the details will automatically propagate in the form.

Excel Properties

You can now make any changes or click Remove to safely remove the Property from the Topic.

Refreshing Excel Properties

You can refresh/update Excel Properties on either a Topic basis or across the whole Map. The Retrieve and Update commands are available from either the main Excel Properties command located on the ribbon menu:

Excel Properties

or the context menu of the Excel Properties Controlstrip located on the Topic

Excel Properties

Both methods give access to the same commands. Simply select the relevant action and your Topics/Spreadsheet should update accordingly. If you have many Excel Properties in your Map you may see a small progress indicator as the process runs to let you know something is happening.

Calculated Excel Cells

If you reference a value from a Cell that is derived from a formula in Excel then the Property will be Read-Only. This is so the Excel Cell formula is not inadvertently overwritten by sending the value back to the Spreadsheet. Only Cells that contain static values can be updated back to the source Spreadsheet from the Map.


Property Clipboard

The Property Clipboard provides the ability to copy Topic Properties such as Custom Properties, Autocalcs, Formulas, Spreadsheets and Excel Ranges. The function can be used to copy all Topic Properties in one action, Paste Properties to multiple Topic selections and copy individual Property Types through the extended drop-down menu commands. You can also choose whether to include any Property Values or simply copy the Topic Property itself.

Copying All Topic Properties

The default action of the Property Clipboard is to copy any and all Topic Properties from the selected Topic. To place the Properties onto the Property Clipboard simply select a Topic and left-click the top section of the Property Clipboard command.

Property Clipboard

Once the Properties have been copied the Property Clipboard command button will become “lit”. This indicates that there are Properties on the Clipboard waiting to be pasted onto a new Topic(s). The icon for the button changes and the command text also changes from “Property Clipboard” to “Paste Properties”. Select the Topic(s) you wish to Paste the Properties onto and then left-click the top section of the command a second time to Paste the Properties.

Property Clipboard

If the Paste is successful you will then see the Properties on the selected Topic(s).

Copying Specific Types of Property

If you wish to copy a specific type of Topic Property then you can use the individual commands that enable you to copy/paste any of the following Properties:

  • Custom Properties
  • Formulas & Autocalcs
  • Embedded Spreadsheet
  • Excel Properties (only available with MAP)

You can access these commands by left-clicking the bottom section of the Property Clipboard command.

Property Clipboard

The selected Topic must contain Properties of the type you wish to copy for the command to be enabled.

Pasting to Multiple Topics

Once you have copied Properties to the Clipboard you can choose to Paste then to a single Topic or a selection of Topic(s). If you wish to paste a selection, simply select multiple Topics using the CTRL key or left-click and hold the mouse button down while dragging to use the “Rubber Band” tool. Once selected left-click the Paste Properties command to complete the action.

Including or Excluding Topic Property Values

There is an option that enables you to specify whether the action should include the Property and its value or just the Property. If you wish to change this you can toggle this setting On/Off from the extended menu accessed from the bottom section of the command.

Clear Property Clipboard

If you select a Topic, click to copy the Properties and then decide you do not wish to use the currently selected Properties, you can clear the Property Clipboard by using the Clear Property Clipboard command located on the extended menu. This will reset the Clipboard ready for a new copy action. Additional Commands You can also initiate the default copy action, (all Properties), from the Topic right-click context menu.

Property Clipboard

Once the Clipboard contains Properties you can also use this menu to Paste the properties onto a Topic or Topic selection and also clear the Clipboard if required.

Property Clipboard


Filter by Property

If you use Custom Properties in your Maps you may find occasions when you need to Filter your Map to highlight Topics with a specific Property Value. The Filter by Property capability will enable you to do this.

When activated from either the MAP ribbon menu or the MAP Task Pane you will see the Filter by Property dialog slide into view.

Ribbon Menu Command
Filter by PropertyTask Pane Command
Filter by PropertyFilter by Property Dialog
Filter by Property

One the dialog is displayed you can select the Property you wish to Filter by extending the drop-down menu. This will display a list of ALL Properties used in the current Map.

Enter the Value you wish to Filter on. You can choose to ignore the case of any text values if you need to.
When you are done click the Filter command and your Map will re-draw to display the Filter results.

Map before filtering (on “Germany”)

Filter by Property

Map after filtering

Filter by Property

Property Renamer

When you work with Properties in your Maps it is very easy to build quite extensive and interactive Map content using Formulas. Topic Properties are referenced by the MindManager API using the Property Name. This is also used in the calculations used by Topic Formulas. This means that if you rename a Property after it has been utilized elsewhere in the Map, sometimes multiple times, the Topic Formulas can become broken and fail to work. The solution is to find all the occurrences of the Property in the Map and update the name which can be time-consuming on large Maps.

The Property Renamer function lets you safely rename an existing Topic Property while maintaining the integrity of any Topic Formulas where the Property has been used. All of this can be done in one sweeping process which takes mere seconds to complete, saving you precious time when making these changes. The Property Renamer function can be found on the Topic Properties group of the MAP ribbon menu.

Property Renamer

The command will be enabled whenever you have a Topic selected that contains a Custom Property. When clicked, you will see a dialog containing a Drop Down List control that enables you to select the Property you wish to rename.

Property Renamer

Once you have selected the Property to rename, simply enter the new name in the text box on the dialog. Click OK to have the renaming process start. You will see a progress dialog while this completes. Once the process has finished your Property will have been renamed in all instances of the Map.

Property Renamer

References to the Property in Formulas will also be updated to maintain the integrity of the Formulas calculation.

Property Renamer





Sort by Property

Another requirement users of Custom Properties may find they need is the ability to Sort a collection of Sub-Topics by a specific Property. The Sort by Property capability will enable you to do this.

You must have selected a Topic that contains more than one Sub-Topic that contains a Custom Property.

When activated from either the MAP ribbon menu or the MAP Task Pane you will see the Sort by Property dialog slide into view.

Ribbon Menu Command
Sort by PropertyTask Pane Command
Sort by PropertySort by Property Dialog
Sort by Property
One the dialog is displayed you can select the Property you wish to Sort by extending the drop-down menu. This will display a list of ALL Properties contained in the current Sub-Topic collection.

Enter the Value you wish to Sort.

When you are done click the Sort command and your Map will re-draw to display the Sorted Sub-Topics.

Map before sorting the “Sales” Property
Sort by Property
Map after sorting
Sort by Property
Currently, Topics are sorted by Ascending values. The option to select between Ascending or Descending results will be added in a later update to MAP.



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