Visual Project Maps

The New MindManager Project Management Solution Built with App Studio!

Based on the UK PRINCE2® project framework, Visual Project Maps provides a flowing solution for small to medium sized projects.

Visual Project Maps for MindManager

The New Intuitive & Customizable Project Management Solution for MindManager®

Visual Project Maps, (VPM), is our latest MindManager Project Management Solution which has been built, ground up, using the new Harport Consulting add-in for MindManager Windows, App Studio.

Containing 64 MindManager maps, 9 Custom Map Parts and numerous Macros, this new App Studio solution makes managing small-medium sized projects easier within the visually rich environment of MindManager for windows.

Based upon the previous OPTI-P2 Olympic add-in from previous years, VPM has been built to provide an accessible interface for projects and a consistent approach to your projects. It also serves as an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved by utilising the power and simplicity of App Studio to create new interfaces and solutions for MindManager that can be adapted to key business activities.

Project Management Map

The VPM Project Management Map

The VPM Project Management Map, (shown left), provides an overview of the seven main project stages/phases with the core activities for each stage/phase shown as Sub-Topics.


The VPM Project Activity Map

These Sub-Topics are then hyperlinked to supporting MindManager maps for each activity where the possible inputs and desired outputs of the activity can be viewed and the projects progress can be recorded and maintained.


Project Management Map

The VPM MindManager Ribbon Menu

VPM Projects and documents are created, accessed, amended and added to the project through the VPM Ribbon Menu. This provides a standardised method by which projects are created and worked through for each user of the solution.


Built with App Studio

As previously mentioned, Visual Project Maps has been built using the new App Studio add-in for MindManager designed by Nick Duffill of Harport Consulting.

This enables Visual Project Maps to be provided as an off-the-shelf solution to work with the FREE version of App Studio or you can purchase Visual Project Maps Pro with access to the Configuration map which will enable you to edit and/or expand the solution so you can tailor VPM to your own project management method.

Note: The Pro Visual Project Maps versions require an App Studio licence of Personal Developer or higher.

The licence options for Visual Project Maps Standard and Pro are shown below.