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Related Topics

Related Topics is an Auto View that enables you to automatically have visibility of Topics that contain Relationships when you select them.

Sometimes when you use Relationships to show connected Topics you will not be aware that the Relationship exists unless both Topics are in view. With MindManager 2012 Mindjet added a feature that now shows a small arrowhead indicating that the Topic has a Relationship to another Topic(s).

Related Topics command goes one step further and allows you to have the Relationships automatically expand and display themselves when you select a Topic that has a Relationship that is currently not visible.

Task Pane

Task Pane Command Enabled Cut OutTask Pane is an Auto View that automatically displays the MindManager Task Information Task Pane whenever a Topic is selected that contains task attributes such as a Priority or Start/End Date etc.

Task Pane can be useful when you are working with project Maps and you are actively adding or updating Task information. As Task Panes close after several minutes of none use Task Pane saves you having to open the Task Information Task Pane each time after it has closed.

MindManager does have a setting where you can specify the time out period for the Task Panes but even if you extend this time so the Task Panes remain open longer, if the currently viewed Task Pane is not the Task Information one then you will still have to manually select it to see the contents. Task Pane will still select the Task Information Task pane if the Task Panes are already open with another Task Pane in view such as the Library so it is still useful even when the Task Panes are activated.

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