Simple No-Code Customisation for MindManager


App Studio for MindManager Windows

App Studio reduces the cost of tailoring MindManager for business issues, turning it from a generic information management tool into something that solves your specific business challenges. App Studio makes it practical to make customised solutions that would have otherwise been prohibitive on cost grounds.

An “App” for App Studio is a collection of templates, images, documents, and new features that helps you to apply MindManager to a specific business purpose.

For example, an App might support your in-house project methodology by providing interactive templates and map parts, and helping you to follow in-house project management processes.

The primary goal of App Studio is to reduce the cost of tailoring MindManager for business solutions by 80%.

Many parts of a custom business solution may not even need any coding, just configuration. App Studio makes it cost-effective for a MindManager expert to create easy-to-use business solutions and share them with their colleagues or clients.

App Studio is a “Pareto Principle” solution – it aims to provide 80% of the value for 20% of the cost. Although there are still a few applications that would need a specialist add-in, many business solutions can be brought to life with configuration and simple macros.

End-users of Apps don’t need a licence key for App Studio.

Developers provide “MindManager Apps” for you to install, adding features and functions to MindManager. You don’t need to do anything other than install and use these Apps.

App developers need a licence key to create Apps.


The speed with which customisation can be changed and delivered means that App Studio enables the use of Agile principles when developing business solutions. End-user feedback can be quickly incorporated and small improvements made at low cost. Minor changes can be implemented and delivered in a couple of hours rather than being put in the queue for the next release of an Add-in.

No software development environment or installer packaging is required to create and share App Studio Apps. 

Licence Types & Pricing