WordX™ provides fine grain control at Topic level & enables the creation of professional documents based on Word templates.

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WordX™ 2.0  – MindManager Microsoft Word Exports Get Even Easier!

The new version of WordX makes creating, managing and running MS Word exports of your MindManager Maps even easier. Sporting a new user interface contained in a MindManager Taskpane, this new version is quick to access and easy to use.

Unlike the native MindManager Word export, WordX enables selection of Map elements at Topic level giving you greater choice and control over what is exported. The new WordX Taskpane allows you to view and quickly select/deselect Topic elements to help you create the perfect report, book, thesis, dissertation or other document type.

WordX for MindManager
WordX 2.0 now includes exporting of Topic Icons (both Task and User Icons), Call Outs, Review Comments and Floating Topics. You can also create a document Appendix from Floating Topics in your Map. Topic elements are exported in tables that can be styled through user configurable options, enabling visual taxonomies of Map information to be created.

Example WordX Map to Word Output

New Features!

  • WordX now lets you select Call Outs, Review Comments, Floating Topics, User Icons and Task Icons.
  • Floating Topics can be used to create an Appendix at the end of your exported document
  • Topic elements can be selected even when the current Topic does not have the element in place
  • The styling for Topic Text can be overridden by using the styling directly from the Topic. Font Style, Colour, Strike-through, Bold, Italic and Underline are supported.
  • New Default Export Options are applied when “tagging” new Topics making it quicker to mark up your Maps
  • The export routine has been improved and now works faster and with more user feedback during the process.
  • WordX 2.0 works with existing WordX Maps




WordX 2.0 can be installed alongside previous versions of so you are able to trial the new version to evaluate its features and capabilities. If you do experience any issues please disable the previous version during your trial.

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