MindManager Add-ins and Solutions

MindManager Add-ins and Solutions

MindManager is currently the ONLY Mapping software to offer access to an API, (Application Programming Interface), that can extend its capability. This allows Olympic to offer quality MindManager Add-ins and Solutions to try and buy online.

Become a MindManager Power User with our range of MindManager Add-ins and Solutions!

MindManager is a great Mapping software “out of the box” but it is also currently the only Mapping software of its type that has a rich, well documented API (Application Programming Interface) which allows 3rd parties to extend its capabilities through MindManager add-ins.

Olympic have specialized in MindManager add-in development since 2005 and continue to be one of the most active developers in the world with regularly updated MindManager add-ins and solutions.

We also promote add-ins from other developers who have quality add-in sunder current development. These are also offered through our add-in store allowing you to purchase quality add-ins from one place.

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