MindManager Add-ins and Solutions

MindManager is currently the ONLY Mapping software to offer access to an API, (Application Programming Interface), that can extend its capability. This allows Olympic to offer quality MindManager Add-ins and Solutions to try and buy online.

Become a MindManager Power User with our range of MindManager Add-ins and Solutions!

Task-Q Inbox Map

TaskQ for MindManager

TaskQ is our latest add-in for MindManager and is an alternative for the now discontinued GyroQ add-in.

Activated by a user-defined keyboard shortcut TaskQ sits in the background working with MindManager open or closed.

Capture your tasks and have them populate your task dashboard or send them to other Maps for dealing with later. Try TaskQ FREE for 14 days and never miss another idea or task.

MAP for MindManager

MAP is one of our flagship MindManager Add-ins used by thousands of MindManager users around the world.

A “Swiss Army Knife” for MindManager, MAP adds over 50 additional functions to help you achieve more from your mapping experience with MindManager.

MAP is suitable for any level of MindManager user and brings additional functionality to help you with many everyday MindManager tasks. Try it now FREE for 30 days and see for yourself how it changes your mapping. 

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WordX for MindManager

Do you create MS Word documents from MindManager? If so this add-in will enable you to create flexible, enhanced MS Word exports from MindManager.

WordX helps you fine tune your exports from MindManager to Word with ease.

WordX is ideal for MindManager users working with technical documentation, producing client quotes or documentation. Try it now FREE for 14 days and discover rich, flowing, easy editable MS Word documents from MindManager.

Task4Maps for MindManager

Do you use MindManager for managing everyday tasks such as calls, meetings etc? If so the Task4Maps can make your task management flow with ease.

Task4Maps creates an automated Kanban themed dashboard in MindManager to track tasks in relation to the current date.

Task4Maps is ideal for MindManager users that have task management requirements on a daily/weekly basis. Try it now FREE for 14 days and never miss a task, meeting or call.

Task-Q Inbox Map
Task-Q Inbox Map

TopicTracker for MindManager

Share map topics between maps and keep them up to date from a central interface.

TopicTracker can help you create commonly used topics and utilise them in many maps. When you change the core topic your changes can be streamed into the other maps that utilise those topics.

Sharing across different users can be achieved by using an SQL database to store your topics. Try it FREE for 14 days and see how TopicTracker can help maintain standardised topics across your maps.