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You can download fully functional trials of all add-ins we offer to “try before you buy” and see just how much these add-ins will increase your MindManager® experience.

Trials from Olympic Downloads last between 14 – 30 days depending on the add-in and can be unlocked with a purchased license key.

Olympic Downloads

The Olympic downloads below are those currently fully supported by Olympic for all versions of MindManager listed. Where possible these add-ins will be updated when each new version of MindManager is released.

MindManager 2019 add-ins require a new license key. Please see the individual product purchase page for upgrade pricing and details.

Multi-Maps for MindManager

(Version – 29/04/2019)
The installer supports all versions of MindManager from MindManager 2016 through to MindManager 2019
Multi-Version Installer

Legacy Downloads

The add-ins below are classified as “legacy” and are no longer maintained or supported. We try to update these add-ins for each new release of MindManager but cannot guarantee that will happen.These add-ins are no longer available to purchase and are provided for users who already have license keys. MindManager 2017 add-ins require a new license key.

Check Your MindManager Version BEFORE Installing

Before downloading your add-in ensure you know which version of MindManager you have installed & what Bit version it is, 32/64.

You can check this by selecting File->Help within MindManager & reading the version details.

More information about this situation can be found on our Blog

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