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You can download fully functional trials of all add-ins we offer to “try before you buy” and see just how much these add-ins will increase your MindManager┬« experience.

Trials from Olympic Downloads last between 14 – 30 days depending on the add-in and can be unlocked with a purchased license key.

Olympic Downloads

The Olympic downloads below are those currently fully supported by Olympic for all versions of MindManager listed. Where possible these add-ins will be updated when each new version of MindManager is released.

MindManager 2021 add-ins require a new license key. Please see the individual product purchase page for upgrade pricing and details.

GyroQ for MindManager

Version 3.4
Existing users

MindManager 2012, Mindjet 11, MindManager 14, MindManager 15, MindManager 2016
Version 3.8
MindManager 2020

MindManager 2020
Version 3.7
MindManager 2017/2018/2019

MindManager 2017/2018/2019

Multi-Maps for MindManager

(Version – 8/4/2021)
The installer supports all versions of MindManager from MindManager 2018 through to MindManager Windows 21
Multi-Version Installer

Legacy Downloads

The add-ins below are classified as “legacy” and are no longer maintained or supported. We try to update these add-ins for each new release of MindManager but cannot guarantee that will happen. These add-ins are no longer available to purchase and are provided for users who already have license keys.

Note: MindManager 2020 will be the last MindManager version these legacy addins will be updated for.

Check Your MindManager Version BEFORE Installing

Before downloading your add-in ensure you know which version of MindManager you have installed & what Bit version it is, 32/64.

You can check this by selecting File->Help within MindManager & reading the version details.

More information about this situation can be found on our Blog

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