Map Tracker for MindManagerMap Tracker enables you to catalog & organize your Mindjet MindManager maps as you work either on demand or in a special Auto Mode.

Maps can be stored in Categories & then located by interrogating the MindManager Map Properties as well as other map meta data making it easy to find a particular map or group of maps.

Small teams can connect to the same database which enables visibility and access (where possible) of each others maps offering a simple & effective way of visualizing all the maps being used by a team.

Image previews enable you to locate maps based on visual recognition and not just textual recollection & you can preview the map image full screen even when the map is not available.

Map Tracker is available for MindManager 14 and Mindjet 11 for Windows and can be downloaded from the Downloads section.


OPTi-Add-ins 2.0 is now available with 4 New functions to help save you time and do more!

  • apply default Task information with Quick Task
  • clear Map attributes quickly with the New Map Sweep
  • Topic2Topic connects hyperlinks Map Topics with 1-click
  • size Topic images across the Map in one operation with Image Resize

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Topic Tracker StumpyTrack and share Mindjet MindManager Map Topics with Topic Tracker™

We all know you can share Mindjet MindManager Maps through various methods but sometimes seeing the whole content of a Map distracts you from the actual content that is important.

Topic Tracker lets you overcome this buy enabling single Topics or Topic structures (includes Sub-topics) to be shared with other Topic Tracker users.

Topic Tracker can also be used to create libraries of Information Topics which can then be shared. The source Topics can be managed and updated from one Map and updates and/or changes can then be reflected across any other Maps where the Topics have been used making sure everyone has the same information.

The latest release includes capability for two-way changes as well as English, Dutch, German & French language support.

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See Map Tracker in Action!

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