Gyronix™ GyroQ™ for MindManager®

Take the Stop/Start out of your day with GyroQ™

The perfect solution to fight the distractions of the modern day, ensuring you never lose an Idea or To Do, even when your busy!

GyroQ also integrates with ResultsManager™ providing even more power and flexibility.

Manage interruptions & never miss an idea or thought!

If you already use MindManager® for Windows then you’ll know what a great tool it is for brainstorming, organizing and planning. You probably already use it to maintain your To-Do lists, like many users.

But you’ll also know that when you open a map to add something, you start re-thinking, reorganizing and improving – because that’s what it’s good at. And that’s a sure-fire way to turn a little interruption into a big diversion.

So, what you really need to do is capture ideas and interruptions quickly and process them properly later, at a time of your choosing – not when you’re trying to finish something else.

Here’s how GyroQ helps you to stay focused…

You have a sudden idea or interruption…

When an interruption occurs or you remember something, you press Ctrl+Q, type a few words, and hit Enter. MindManager does not need to be running.


GyroQ stores it on the Queue…

GyroQ stores your ideas and interruptions GyroQ stores all your interruptions and ideas in a Queue on your disk, so if you don’t get back to them today, they will still be there tomorrow.

You deal with it later

You deal with them later in a MindManager map. When you are ready, you press Ctrl+Q and click Send Queue. Your interruptions and ideas are sent to a visual map, where you can deal with them properly.


Highly Configurable

GyroQ works with “Tags” which help classify the information you are capturing. Preconfigured tags help you get up and running quickly but for those who have an appetite there are plenty of configuration options.


GyroQ Options

The user options let you configure GyroQ to the way you work and enables you to send your queues to your own default capture map and more.


GyroQ Editions

GyroQ is available in two editions; GyroQ Essentials and GyroQ Pro. Below you will see the pricing and features of each edition plus details of our special GyroQ & ResultsManager Pro bundle.

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