Gyronix™ GyroQ™ for MindManager┬«

Take the Stop/Start out of your day with GyroQ™

The perfect solution to fight the distractions of the modern day, ensuring you never lose an Idea or To Do, even when your busy!

GyroQ also integrates with ResultsManager™ providing even more power and flexibility.

GyroQ No longer Available

As of MindManager 2020, GyroQ will no longer be available for future versions of MindManager. We have supported GyroQ for many years but with its aging code base and more frequent product issues across various versions of MindManager we have now withdrawn support for this product.

We have release a product called Task-Q for MindManager which is currently supported on MindManager versions from MindManager 2020 upwards. This new add-in provides a similar capability to GyroQ and we hope to include much of the GyroQ functionality where possible along with new features

If you are a current GyroQ user who moves onto a version of MindManager which no longer supports the existing GyroQ builds you can purchase Task-Q for a reduced price by entering the first 4 digits from your existing GyroQ licence in the Coupon Code box when purchasing Task-Q. This will give you a special discounted Task-Q price.