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Multi-Maps for MindManager

Do you utilize large numbers of Resources across projects, several companies, departments, etc?

The Common Lists module of MultiMaps for MindManager helps organize your Resources in an easy and convenient way, so they are always within a few clicks of your mouse. You can assign them to specific Map Topics, or copy the complete group to your Map.

Common Lists also offers the same functionality for Tags. Organize your Tags: Contacts, Categories, Stages etc so they are always at hand and reduce the amount of times you need to copy them from one map to another!

Common Lists module helps to organize all your resources and tags and easily use them in your maps.

In MindManager, Resources and Tags can reside in the Map itself and in the Template Organizer – Marker Lists. But it is not very comfortable if you have many Resources and Tags, and they cannot be organized/sorted at all.

With the help of Common Lists module, you can organize your Resources by any criteria, say Resources for Project 1, Project 2 etc., Resources for Company 1, Company 2 etc.

Similarly do it with tags – organize them into groups suitable for you

Common Lists are made in the same way as Index task pane, so you are already familiar to work with them.

When needed, you can easily find required resource or tag, and assign it to the topic. And if you need to add the whole Resource or Tag group into your map – you do it just in 2 clicks.

You can fill Resource and Tag groups manually. Also you can import Resources and Tags from different sources – from another Map, from an Excel book or even from a plain text file.

All is handy, easy and simple. Feel the pleasure from your work!


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